About Us

Who is Green Acres Bakery?


I (Jennifer) started setting fires in the kitchen while in high school. I also failed my first assignment in my Home Ec. class which, ironically, was a baking assignment.

Never being one to be constrained a recipe, over the years I learned that when it came to baking, there were some guidelines that needed to be followed but those same guidelines could allow for creativity.

Thankfully, I found what worked for me and began to enjoy baking for my family and friends. I even utilized my baking skills to raise funds for adoptions. In 2018, after being asked to bake for friends on a weekly basis, I took a leap of faith and Green Acres Bakery was born.

What Do We Offer?

From Scratch

Everything that comes from Green Acres Bakery is made from scratch. That’s why no two cookies look exactly alike or why there may be subtle flavor differences from one order to the next.

Nothing Fancy

While I like to be creative in the kitchen, I’m not a decorator. In my kitchen, you’ll find classics like Butter Pound Cake or her famous Oatmeal Cream Pies and even some with a twist like Cinnamon Roll Cookies.

How to  Order

If you’ve met us at an event and want more of what you tried, all you need to do is call, message us on Facebook, or text and tell us how many and when you need them. We try to accommodate pick up or delivery as possible.